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18 June 2021 - Neil, can you isolate any background noises. HCDZ Replacement Remote Control for Fujitsu AR-RAH1U ASU18RLB ASU24RLB ASU30RLXB ASU36CLX ASU36RLXB ASU30RLXQ ASU15RLS2 ASU15RLS ASU15RLS2RLQ Split Type Room Air Conditioner 3.9 out of 5 stars 22 $17.99 $ 17 . 99Jan 14, 2021 bmw k1200lt manual free He knew that he needed to slow down. marketing careers list There was a rustle in the brush, branches in front of him swayed and then the sound of a heavy thud followed by silence. I must have overlooked that bit of information. She might have tried to kill you last night.

They sold their services to whoever paid, which made them difficult to track, as no one could ever figure out who they worked for and where they would be next. Even as his mind struggled desperately with the problem, he was aware of every detail around him, aware that the newbie, young Paul, was an inch too high, close beneath one of the beams. Mack hissed and all movement ceased. I might not be able to survive the lesson. He knew her body intimately, she wanted to know his just as intimately. He groaned, unable to stop the sound from escaping. chocolate covered katie delicious recipes secretly There were a few of each in the small room, the air electric with possible conflict. She inspected the form that belonged to the cat she was carrying. When she had managed to get food down, she vomited it back up.

One, the real one, in front of the mirror, and the other just slightly behind her and to her left. She felt her chin trembling again. My time is over, yours is just beginning. the trainers toolkit bringing brain friendly learning to life The remote control allows for manual operation of the unit when necessary. With the new “Quick-Hook Design,” the wall unit hangs easier and faster. An additional gap for pipe installation as well as right to left adjustments add to installation simplicity. 3D air flow technology distributes the air evenly throughout the room.Infrared Wi-Fi Control for Split Systems. Ducted Controller. Wi-Fi Control for Ducted Systems Use our Economatch guide to help find the most energy efficient Fujitsu Air conditioner for your needs SEARCH BY PRODUCT CODE Search. manuals. Select Product. Choose a product from the list below to find the manual for your product. Select hasselblad cfv-50c user manual Grandpa sat on a rickety chair beside the hospital bed and watched Grandma. Some architectural prints hung on the walls and heavy half-drawn curtains created a sombre, shadowy atmosphere. There were only two places to sit. He pulled a chair from beneath a table and offered it to Liebermann and Haussmann.

His last recollection would have been of seeing the steps of the lead coach and his natural assumption would be that he had just sat down for a moment to rest. Whatever You Are Be A Good One 100 Inspirational Quotations Hand Lettered By Lisa Congdon That requirement had already been fulfilled by Detective Chas Mimer. dr strangelove s america dr strangelove s america It produced lots of milk and the people were delighted with their purchase. So much so that they decided to get a bull to mate with the cow. If the calves born of this union were anything like their mother, the shtetl would never be short of milk again.

The others glanced at him but looked away. The excitement was evident in his voice. a wicked profit Jewel had left the proofs on her desk. ulysses and us the art of everyday living declan kiberd Whitney lied about Briony just as he lied all those years to Lily.

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The sky was dotted with white cumulus clouds-signs of fair weather-but that could change at any time. giant of the grand si cle the french army 1610 Ryland and his crew are watching over her. Fundamentals Of Removable Prosthodontics My magic was probably on vacation on a sunny beach somewhere, toying with the idea of never coming home. The other goblins followed, including Prince Chigaru and Imala.

They sound like they expect this recent messiness to lead to a big, wonderful final reconciliation. It was a relatively quiet neighborhood drink-and-talk pub where on weeknights people often dropped in for an hour or two. But on Friday and Saturday nights the bar was where a good number of gay men started out for the evening before ending up at the big shake-your-ass-bust-an-eardrum discos on up Central. Research Handbook On International Environmental Law Research Handbook On International Environmenta His hair was gray now, and there were lines in his face, but his eyes were unchanged. hach clf10sc manual We wind up shipping them home drugged up to keep them from screaming. In case you need to come back in again.

  • REMOTE CONTROLLER (WIRED TYPE) PART No. 9380222071-02 INSTALLATION MANUAL For authorized service personnel only. 9380222071- 1 2015/01/22 8:53:04
  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.; 23.3 SEER Variable Speed DC Inverter GMCC TOSHIBA Compressor 208-230V; Heating and Cooling Ductless Mini Split System Package Includes: Indoor Unit w/wall bracket; Outdoor Unit R410A pre-charged; Wireless Remote control with LCD Display; 15ft communication wire; Insulated pre-flared copper tubing (13.2ft + 1.5-2ft …
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Her blouse slipped, revealing her nakedness once more. I could have gone out for milk myself, instead of asking him to run to the store. He was looking at Cleve with a brand new nightmare for Cleve in his eyes. Then he seemed to recall that he was in charge.

She briefly considered firing her weapon at that target. Which was the spider and which was the fly. His hair must have been black before it turned white early, his eyebrows were still so dark and striking. It looked as if a course of water had ripped loose this rent some years before.

He came straight up to the front door. Lately, the number of unscrupulous dealers seemed to be growing. And no one in the federal government seemed interested in doing anything about it. The sergeants were all bunking together. I was still in charge of the mortar section, but they were bunking down the street.


Of course, she had other things to worry about, I found out that morning. In a house the age of hers, the heating and cooling bills were extortionate, drafts were inescapable, curtains had to be custom-made because nothing was of standard size, and all the electric wiring had had to be replaced recently. To say nothing of the antiquated toilets and tubs that Susu had just replaced. ap ntate ap ntate ya 01 cd Tegg spotted James Hall and his wife, Julie, and crossed over to them. She had a way of speaking her mind, of speaking the truth, that put you on the spot. Peggy most certainly was trying to win favor with the board. The mission that day to which the girl had been assigned was a simple training exercise, and all preparatory communications were handled through normal open channels.

I have communicated with the Very Reverend Mother General at our Mother House and with Father MacAuley. Both are of the opinion that this is not an unreasonable request. 2510fg1 manual starter And while no list of street agents would be complete, I would be remiss not to mention a few who were and are dearest in my heart. Heaney, a talented and dedicated investigator and my surrogate little brother, who always had my back when organizing undercover sting takedowns in Philadelphia. Thanks also to Special Agents Doug Hess, Pam Stratton, Michael A. But he thought she struggled not to answer. Perhaps she was overmedicated, he thought. When they reopened, she stared at the ceiling.

Whatever the hell it takes to make it legal. I guess that means you need me whether you like it or not. I have no intention of marrying you. update status facebook via nokia e63 flash He crooked a finger at Hawkwood, beckoning him over. It was the remains of the porter, Doyle. When it finds a man there, it comes out again in a hurry. But meantime the dogs have been loosed from all sides, and they quickly catch the jackal and kill it.

Kyle grabbed the toy and lifted his head proudly. On my Fujitsu inverter it will not work if remote is on Auto Master and Fan control. It only works on Coil Dry however - Answered by a verified HVAC Technician System will not operate with the remote control. DC Inverters 230v - 50Hz, which i want …FUJITSU ASTA30LCC ASTA30LCC REMOTE CONTROL AR-RY13: Part Number: 1650262: Appliance: FUJITSU Air_Conditioner ASTA30LCC : Description: REMOTE CONTROL AR-RY13 REPLACEMENT : Price: $58.73 inc GST: Postage: FREE Standard Postage: Availability the dutch painters 100 seventeenth century masters I gave him time to dress, then excused myself from Zinsser, followed Blount into the bedroom, and shut the door behind me. I saw the two letters, from Zimka and the Blounts, lying on the East Indian print bedspread, unopened. After the dryer came a hot-comb, then some touching up with a pocket comb. service manual excavator Summoning his last reserve of strength, he hurled himself out of the water and swung his arm. The scream died away, fading to a low whimper.

Either way, Jack will be waiting or I will. Get your emergency pack and go with Mari and Logan. Think again," Mari snapped, her dark eyes flashing. 5 Remote Control Signal Receiver 6 MANUAL AUTO Button When the MANUAL AUTO button is pressed in for more than INVERTER At the start of operation, large amount of power is used to bring the room OPERATING MANUAL FUJITSU GENERAL 9374379477-03 Brand new for 2020, the 18000 BTU - 19 SEER INVERTER Ductless Mini Split air conditioner and Heat Pump by Thermocore provides both cooling & heating in areas up to 900 ft² large. Benefits of this series Include: I-Feel control, Anti-bacteria Filtration, intelligent Control Systems and comes fully charged with R410A. gigabyte ga c1037un manually When I lived in Stockholm I always used to wonder how there was so much fresh elk meat in the markets all year round. for the love of her children and the tattoo on his heart breaking the cycle The touching thing I mean, not the smelling. He wondered briefly if Master Sollis was lightening his blows and dismissed the idea immediately. Vaelin would have balked at it but Caenis scrambled to it without any hesitation, flaming taper in hand.

I went inside ahead of Kyle and Seth. Ethan lay naked and shivering in the claw-foot tub, his eyes squeezed shut. Welcome to the Fujitsu General Resource Center. This area is loaded with valuable information such as rebates, case studies, videos, news, press releases, an efficiency calculator and an easy way to locate your local Fujitsu General contractor.INVERTER At the start of operation, large amount of power is used to The wireless remote controller allows convenient control of air conditioner operation. WIRED REMOTE CONTROLLER (OPTION) 1 Operating Control Panel (Fig. 2) 2 MANUAL AUTO button When the MANUAL AUTO button is pressed in for more than 10 seconds, the exponential and logarithmic function activity He had his machine-pistol in both hands, held loosely, but with his forefinger indubitably on the trigger. But Van Effen was clearly expecting no resistance. It was so small that it was almost hidden in his hand. 1947 ford 2n tractor manual Solid waste was another matter altogether and, ideally, one best avoided. During her three week stint alternative measures had been necessary but they were awkward and considerably unpleasant. She took a drink from the last one, then secured it back in place.


They were screened behind brush, and every time we tried to wade across, they just cut us to pieces. We lost a lot of good men there. But in terms of the women, Fort Nolan is nothing but a big bus terminal, with all the buses headed home. If we cut her a deal that included a legitimate green card and her money returned, could she supply us with the name of the ship and any details of crossing. mclaren from the inside photographs by tyler alexander In fact… I tried to look at Shakespeare in my head, from an aerial view. Claude had never asked me a question about my life.

She was afraid to call out to him, all too aware of the soldiers and the possibility that the rebels had followed them into the city. Seeing their plight, their companions lifted them to their feet and with arms about their shoulders shepherded them along. From their posture, it was clear that none of them had the strength to make the transfer on their own. Their cries of distress floated over the water. vatican waltz Wrapping her arms around his neck, she clung to him, matching the silken glide of his tongue, stroke for intimate stroke.

Death went well with bare stone and it was the little crowd of modern men who looked incongruous. I headed north along the river, then west on 1-90, then north again and got off by the Northway Mall. 2003 nissan pathfinder workshop repair manual download When the tent flap was closed and murmuring voices could be heard from inside, Yeti smiled.

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Boldt watched her in the reflection of the window above the sink. In his opinion, she still needed about twenty pounds. NAME OF PARTS Fig. 1 Indoor Unit Fig. 5 Remote Controller 1 Operating Control Panel (Fig. 2) F Signal Transmitter 2 MANUAL AUTO button G MODE button When the MANUAL AUTO button is pressed H button in for more than 10 seconds, the forced I ECONOMY button cooling operation will start. Page 6: Preparation PREPARATION CAUTION!The high efficiency DC inverter type "rotary compressor" is used for our product ranges. It has achieved higher energy efficiency compared to similar compressors by optimizing the structure inside the compressor. Sine-wave DC Inverter Control High efficiency operation is realized by using a sine wave DC inverter control. DC Fan Motor acessar modem zte zxdsl 831 manual Her breathing was so shallow he had to lean right next to her mouth to hear it. The rescue squad skidded to a stop. witch world series christopher pike And he was widely regarded by the police as being the most lethal man in the United States, behind bars or outside them. It had taken the unremitting efforts of no less than three of the best special-effects make-up men in Hollywood - it had taken them six hours - to transfer him into what he was. Ludwig Johnson had suffered in the process and was still suffering, for even a man weighing two hundred pounds to begin with does not care to carry another unnecessary sixty pounds around with him.

I thought he was trying to hypnotise me. They make us sleep on straw and beat us every hour of the day, but they want to feed us well. Totally silent: Less time required to reach the temperature, the range of Inverter Fujitsu climate control equipped with DC Inverter I-PAM technology allows to reach the comfort temperature selected a 30% faster than with any other conventional system and in a completely accurate way, with a differential of minimum temperature of only +/- 0.5 The temperature and the air speed …FUJITSU AOU15RLFF/AGU15RLF 1-1/4 TON MINI-SPLIT DC INVERTER HEAT PUMP SYSTEM. $1,550.00. or Best Offer. FUJITSU UPT-PU03B EEV BRANCH BOX-SECONDARY 208-230/60/1 R-410A 192444. $300.00. $103.02 shipping Remote Control for Fujitsu ASY13PSACW AST18RSA-W Split Type Room Air Conditioner. $13.00. Free shipping. FUJITSU AOU18RLXFW1 1-1/2 TON lincoln cent 1909 1958 collectors folder warmans collector coin folders I let out a little relieved burst of air. For the first and last time, I was actually glad to see him. yamaha sr500 sr 500 1977 repair service manual Ownership of a particular piece may change over decades and centuries, but these great works belong to all of us, to our ancestors and to future generations. For some oppressed and endangered peoples, their art is often the only remaining expression of a culture. But as I tell my foreign colleagues, the statistics belie that stereotype.


Perhaps if he wounded a few he could create enough confusion to escape into the crowd with Nortah. There could be no return to the Order after this, no welcome for those that fought the Realm Guard. Life as an outlaw, Vaelin pondered. redhead toxik bow manual DC Inverter ACs bear special compressors that their speed could be changed by increasing or decreasing the frequency of the supplied power. Therefore, unlike conventional split Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps which cycle between on and off repeatedly, the DC Inverter control system will monitor the room temperature and adjust the compressor speed Original Fujitsu Air Conditioner Remote Control Substitute AR-RAH1E ARRAH1E Regular price $49 50 $49.50 REPLACEMENT Fujitsu Air Conditioner Remote Control AR-RY13 ARRY13 endoscopic skull base surgery a comprehensive guide with illustrative cases reprint But she rose near them and helped them to swim back to the shore. workshop manual engine mitsubishi colt It would make perfect sense, given his househunting aberration, for him to pick a realtor as a lover.

She felt her chin trembling again. My time is over, yours is just beginning. 1998 nissan altima factory service repair manual In the event the decision was made for him. 2510fg1 manual starter Moves would be relayed from Iceland over the teleprinter.

They can sift through the frequencies at a rapid-nearly computer fast-rate, and hear anything being transmitted. She easily read his distress, but was uncertain why he was looking at her with such apprehension. Briony leaned close to kiss him. Mar 03, 20205. OUTDOOR FAN CONTROL 01-05 1. Outdoor Fan Motor AC Motor DC Motor ASU24CL1 Following table shows the type of the outdoor fan motor. The control method is different between AC motor and DC motor. ( Table 5 : Type of motor ) ( Table 6 : Outdoor fan speed ) * The outdoor fan speed mentioned above depends on the compressor frequency. fighting a losing battle quotes Stark terror twisted in his heart as he neared the barn. They were adamant that Miss Quinn should fold her hands and wait for her cousin to return from the war. What is he good for now, I ask you.

Then as the angle of the bed moved, I was able to see down without shifting my head, which felt as if it might fall off if I did so. The senior Andertons had some pictures taken of their more valuable doodads and stored the pictures in their lockbox, and Mandy just now got around to opening the things she had shipped from Lawrenceton to Los Angeles. When the police here called her about the vases being missing, she mailed the pictures, and they arrived yesterday. Yes, the scale to the right is from a live silver salmon in our back tanks. The sample we received from you consisted primarily of scales from both king and silver salmon. The bass notes from the speakers outside the door bumped and reverberated into the little room and made the metal shelves sing.

She poured hot tea into a mug and pressed the warm mug into my hands with a little too much force, as if that, too, were a way of holding me close. My stomach grumbled, but I ignored it. Her fingers were too thin, bone pressing against skin. Almost immediately two men came into sight by the saddle, tiny figures for those directly observing from the middle of the bridge, close-up for those looking at the TV screens. I dare say that not one in ten thousand of you would care to be where those two men are now. But those two are as safe as you would be in a church pew. He thought more and more about life after the Bureau, retirement, slowing down and rebuilding the family time that had suffered for his job for so long.

The leg was swollen, but it had been worked on. The place reminded Hawkwood of a flooded church vault. At first glance, with her wooden deck and tapering bow and stern, the vessel looked like any other small river craft. She touched his leg with the tip of her nails. She took a breath and let it out, catching at his wrist to distract them both. You tell me something from your past and immediately get nervous and want to run.

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Some drunken fool in a tavern brawl sticks a penknife in his leg, the blade snaps off, the young doctor, Jarvis by name, just qualified, full of mince, opens up his flesh but cannae find it. It had lodged just below the back of the knee and by the time inflammation had alerted Cameron, the thing found and removed from its hidey-hole, his blood was evil-poisoned. In matters of communal violence, always stay back to back with a fellow bulls-eye. McLevy is lured into a world of politics, perversion, deception and mystery and into the shadow of the serpent. The cup has left a yellow ring at the top of the page where I write but nothing is perfect. international securities law handbook world law group series At times it was almost as if she craved it.

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  • INVERTER At the start of operation, large amount of power is used to bring the room quickly to the desired temperature. Afterwards, the unit automatically switches to a low power setting for eco-nomic and comfortable operation. WIRELESS REMOTE CONTROLLER The Wireless Remote Controller allows convenient control of air conditioner operation.
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She lifted the top book off the end table, an Amy Tan novel. A hundred and seventy pages in two nights. And if he goes to the trouble to tie her up, he rapes her hard or fires juice all over the place. The wire transfer order that paid for the bomb-making materials used by the terrorists stated on its face that it was in payment for explosives, but to be used in seismic studies to find natural gas deposits. don t call me marky mark the unauthorized biography of This land belongs to us, and might someday be transformed into a fertile breadbasket.

You just did not tell people that you were a homo. Some jerky kid from Danbury, Connecticut, caught us one Sunday night doing it on some mats stored under the gym bleachers. While our parents were with the headmaster and our roommates were in class, we shoved the desk against the door in my room and made love on my bed for the last time-what turned out to be the last time. He adjusted his legs and closed his eyes, listening, knowing she was talking to him. He could feel her fingers, her tongue and mouth. 1947 ford 2n tractor manual Heavy fog is expected before dawn and to remain until about ten in the morning. The wind tomorrow will be westerly so that any cover from the smoke of burning oil will be out of the question. Eye examination, dilation of pupils and so forth.

His father gave what help he could and stayed in touch with the children. I fell in love with the white queen. I dreamed about caressing her in my pocket, but I did not dare to steal her. My hand went up to my chest, touched the light yellow of my T-shirt, felt the ridges of the scars underneath it. For one thing, I reflected as I wiped the cabinets in the bathroom, Alvah has such limited interests that cleaning is one of her few outlets for self-expression. The Yorks have a camper they pull behind their pickup truck, and when they visit their daughter, they park in her driveway and live in the camper. komatsu service pc27mr 2 pc30mr 2 pc35mr 2 pc40mr 2 pc50mr 2 shop manual excavator repair book It was no great help to him that the deceased had been a nice man.

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Sharon did not take off somewhere. DC Inverter Driven Split Description. Hitachi DC inverter Driven Split Systems . Documentation. Brochure (PDF format, 743 kBytes) Model RAS25YHA Description. 2.5 / 3.4kW Inverter Reverse Cycle Split System . Documentation. Brochure (PDF format, 1.70 MBytes) Manual (PDF format, 795 kBytes) Model RAS25YHA1 Description. Reverse Cycle Split System eliza arcaya su facebook hack His gaze took in all the seated men. Grade 12 English Paper 2 Exemplars But maybe she could eliminate a few suspects. His perfect hair even seemed a little flat. He could go a lot of different ways with boils.

Though it was a still night, the cold sea air carried enough salt crystals to sting the skin. While he was engaged with Telfer, was a part of his attention not casting round for other movement in the house. Surely that is not against the law. marketing careers list You should have a wife to share all this. But all this - just for one man. She must have fallen asleep, because she woke to Jack carrying her into the house.

Nicolson, what do you make of it. Not even a maniac would come out looking for us on a night like this. Valuable hours of safety, Johnny," he murmured quietly, "and we would be better employed putting even more valuable miles between ourselves and brother Jap. 13. MANUAL AUTO OPERATION (Indoor unit body operation) When the remote control is lost or battery power dissipated, this function will work without the remote control. When MANUAL AUTO button is set more than 3seconds and less than 10seconds, MANUAL AUTO OPERATION will be started as shown in Table14.Unit Not Responding to Remote Control . Cause: If the mini-split unit is not reponding to the remote control, there are a number of causes that can be causing the issue. If the unit beeps when a button is pressed, the remote control works fine and you only need to . Suggestions: Verify the remote control has new working batteries. general biology lab manual 1407 I doubt the townsfolk saw themselves in such a melancholy light. As a result, in 1784, under the direct orders of Prime Minister William Pitt, a regiment of troops torched the entire Deal fleet as it sought sanctuary from a storm on the shingle beach. The galleys used by the guinea traders were so integral to the Trade that in 1812 the British Government banned their construction. spinozan power naturalistic perspe Their security firm wanted us aware of it, and you on board. They ask for our help retrieving stolen property and then make demands on us if we agree.

Even Siran is entitled to a trial. christmas at holly hill by martha rogers View and Download Fujitsu 12RLFW instruction manual online. Welcome to ManualMachine. You have been successfully registered. We have emailed you a verification link to to complete your registration. Please check your inbox, and if you can’t find it, check your spam folder to make sure it didnt end up there. principles of electric circuits by floyd solution manual pdf Have you been getting any more crank phone calls. Someone calls, and then listens, and then hangs up. Kan Dahn was already there with a stretcher. The crowd, unpredictable as all crowds, rose to its collective feet and applauded for a whole minute: better a concussed Blind Eagle than a dead one. Present were Harper, Wrinfield, two of his associate directors, Sergius and a splendidly white-maned, white-moustached gentleman of about seventy.

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The elder Pritchard was living in Memphis at the time, so I called him there. I made it clear that although he and I knew each other, this was an official FBI interview. I told him that we were going to charge his son with the Hunt uniform scam. mitsubishi vs 70709 manual lymphatic drainage Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. More Readings From One Mans Wilderness The Journals Of Richard L Proenneke They say he was descended from the gypsies who used to stay on a patch of waste ground on the other side of the Motala River, over by Ljung, near the manor.

He may or may not have been thinking about the verdict of history. Or must I call in General Cartland again. pelco ics do150a manual Now he came and sat beside me on the love seat. 1947 ford 2n tractor manual Then she asked me if I felt different. Outbursts of anger that never quite made it out of my body. I steered clear of him and he steered clear of me.

The keys signify our various missions, to walk unseen in enemy camps and collect the necessary information, and the knives are, of course, a silent kill. So basically the meaning is-shadow knights protect against evil forces using psychic powers, courage, and honor. the last jump by john e nevola She despised the looks on their faces. She wanted to ask out loud, for all of them to hear the concern for him in her voice, to hear what she felt for him. She asked it softly, intimately, in his mind, trying to join them together so he could feel she was with him. lifetime lessons a guide to lifestyle financial planning He patted his apprentice on the back. Many glanced nervously at the sky.

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But no one came to see what it was, not even Claude. I moved around to the back door, taking a terrible chance. I pulled the key no one had thought to take away from me, the key to the back door, from my bra. Mar 16, 2013 ultrashort laser pulse phenomena I yelled up at the checkered sky. It was strange, but she could actually taste him in her mouth.

Suddenly the stench of the hold and the proximity of this savage were unbearable. I knew he would be the greatest Emperor this land has ever seen. I hate you because I knew the Hope as my friend, and you killed him. General dc inverter air conditioner manual,horoscope planets compatibility,rimmel eyebrow pencil japan,address finder uk by name free - PDF 2016. Published : 18.12.2013 Discount price AC Remote Control Replacement For Fujitsu ASU9C1 ASU12C1 ARJW28 Air Conditionerorder now. manual de talhas sammy It left his arms free to cradle Saber against him. She seemed a little lost tonight, very vulnerable, and she rarely showed him that side of her. Nevertheless, we are appreciative of the openness of the American system and the efforts in particular of Donna Shackleforth, who so courteously received our regular monthly inquiry after the dossiers whereabouts. We have many to acknowledge, all of whom went out of their way to assist us. To demonstrate our regard for their country, we list them alphabetically by first name, as in the Iceland telephone directory: Colin Porter, Dadi Agustsson, Fridrik Olafsson, Fridthor Eydal, Gisli Gestsson, Gunnar Magnusson, Gunnlaugur Josefsson, Gylfi Baldursson, Hilmar Viggoson, Hjalmar Bardarson, Hrannar Arnarson, Karen Thorsteinsdottir, Paul Theodorsson, Ragnar Haraldsson, Saemundur Palsson, Sigfus Sigfusson, Sigmundur Gudbjarnason, Sigurdur Helgason, Steinn Bjornsson, Sverrir Kristinsson, Thrainn Gudmundsson, Tinna Gunnarsdottir, and the late Ulfar Thordarson.